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Update since March 2011: Flash programmer, employed by Nitrome Ltd. (
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Programming Languages:
  • Flash ActionScript 2 and 3
  • C / C++
Web Programming:
  • PHP / mySQL
  • JavaScript
  • (X)HTML / XML
  • CSS

List of Projects

2010 Dec
Mobile game
Woody Games / Nokia

2010 Jun
Mobile game
Woody Games / Nokia

2010 Apr
Mobile game
Woody Games

Flash game
web (free)

Flash game

PC game
Deibus / Take 2

Petanque Boule Fighters

A game of petanque published on Nokia OVI Store.

On the web:
All About Symbian - Game Review
Pocket Gamer - Video
Pockett - Preview (French)
The Nokia Review - News (Demo version)


Design | Programming | Graphics | Music

ActionScript 2 for Flash Lite 2.x and more (Symbian S60 v.5 and Symbian^3).
  • Realistic physics, optimized for Flash Lite (speed critical on S60 devices), using parameters such as weight for the boules, friction and toughness for the type of surface.
  • 3D handling of collisions (it is very common ideed to see a boule landing on another one).
  • Complex AI to analyse the layout of the game and decide where to "point" or "shoot" (in petanque, having to knock out a boule that is blocking the way by shooting it is usual).
    Moreover, AI players play according to their skills, half a dozen parameters that not only create different levels but different behaviors too.