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Music is just a hobby for me. Beside playing the guitar and piano, I did study music theory and composition - a long time ago! Occasionally I have created the music for my games, it just happened to come handy.

Not having any special equipement to create electronic music - and having more interest in composition itself rather than sound, I settled for MIDI music using the basic range of sounds available on a standard PC soundcard.

List of Projects

2010 Dec
Mobile game
Woody Games / Nokia

2010 Jun
Mobile game
Woody Games / Nokia

Flash game
web (free)

Piano Bar

A free Flash game for the web, featured on hundreds of Flash game websites and highly rated by players.

Try the game directly here, or from Newgrounds website for a larger window size (needs Flash Player).


Design | Programming | Music

All the songs are popular covers for which I created the arrangement.
Although they play an integral part of the game, they are not meant to be listened to as standalone pieces; not only are they played in real time by the player (at least for the melody part), they are also closely tied to the system with its limitations, and do sound mechanical (check the Design and Programming sections for more information).

Musicians may be interested to know that for the purpose of simplicity and because of the limited number of computer keyboard keys, all the songs are arranged in the key of C, and do not use any alteration, which is equivalent to using only the white keys of a piano.