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Music is just a hobby for me. Beside playing the guitar and piano, I did study music theory and composition - a long time ago! Occasionally I have created the music for my games, it just happened to come handy.

Not having any special equipement to create electronic music - and having more interest in composition itself rather than sound, I settled for MIDI music using the basic range of sounds available on a standard PC soundcard.

List of Projects

2010 Dec
Mobile game
Woody Games / Nokia

2010 Jun
Mobile game
Woody Games / Nokia

Flash game
web (free)


Meteoric is a fast arcade / puzzle mobile game, for Symbian S60 devices 3rd edition (keypad) and 5th edition (touchscreen).
Published on Nokia Ovi Store.


Design | Programming | Graphics | Music

I wanted the music to fit with the retro atmosphere of the game. The retro I am most attached to is the 16-bit video game era of the late 80's - early 90's; by that time music was more than just "beep" sounds, but there were still great limitations and the result was a music that carried its own recognizable sound and style. I always found them fascinating and very melodic.
Unlike my other game Petanque Boule Fighters where the music is only played once, this one is a loop, played all throughout the game. This explains why it is not just one theme, but more like a compilation of little themes, one leading to the next, all packed into this one and a half minute long music.
The beat / rhythm was taken from the Bitmap Brothers game Speed Ball. A bit like I did for Petanque Boule Fighters, I borrowed the rhythmic part and went from there.
Some parts do sound very dark, but isn't the game apocalyptic after all?


This one got its own title! It is a short theme used when comes the traditional Game Over. It is not my best shot I admit, but I mostly wanted to make it sound annoying, almost as if the game was taunting the player - a music that would forever be associated with losing.

Contemplation (Game Over music from Meteoric):