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Design, Graphics, Illustration:
  • Adobe Flash CS5
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Inkscape
  • ArtRage

List of Projects

2010 Dec
Mobile game
Woody Games / Nokia

2010 Jun
Mobile game
Woody Games / Nokia

2010 Apr
Mobile game
Woody Games

Flash game
web (free)

Flash game


Meteoric is a fast arcade / puzzle mobile game, for Symbian S60 devices 3rd edition (keypad) and 5th edition (touchscreen).
Published on Nokia Ovi Store.


Design | Programming | Graphics | Music

The game was inspired by the classic Tetris, however the only thing it actually shares with Tetris is that of having an opposite idea as a basic starting point.
Not only it deals with colours rather than shapes (not very original so far), but instead of having to break blocks like in Tetris and many other puzzle games, in Meteoric you need to pile them up for they act as your protection wall against blazing meteors that keep falling and destroying your blocks. The more blocks you have, the safer you are.
Once a meteor manages to break through your wall, you lose.

The core principle of colours can be summed up this way:
Same colour blocks will pile up on top of each other - different colour blocks will not.

The game has an obvious retro feel: from the space theme, the blue background reminiscent of LCD built-in screens, the score based principle - you play until you lose, to the 16-bit inspired music.

The game can be played with touchscreen controls or keypad.
Touchscreen itself includes two different modes, one using virtual keys (essentially similar to the keypad version), the other using on-screen direct control (by tapping around the elements you wish to move).

All control modes are handled at the same time and can be switched without the need to change option.