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Design, Graphics, Illustration:
  • Adobe Flash CS5
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Inkscape
  • ArtRage

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Woody Games / Nokia

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Flash game

Petanque Boule Fighters

A game of petanque published on Nokia OVI Store.

On the web:
All About Symbian - Game Review
Pocket Gamer - Video
Pockett - Preview (French)
The Nokia Review - News (Demo version)


Design | Programming | Graphics | Music

Original controls:
Throwing the ball is done by simply moving your finger across the screen, intuitively giving direction and strength to the shot. This original system allows the player to really feel in total control over the mouvement. It explains why the game was designed for touchscreen phones only.

No on-screen display usually used for sport games (such as power and direction bar in golf games for example) comes between the player and the boule. In that respect, PBF has more to do with an actual miniature petanque game than a video game, taking the concept of skill game to the extreme.

As rightly observed in the game review from All About Symbian:
[...] just like in real life, it lends both an accuracy to the game, but also an inaccuracy (because you are actually 'throwing' it each time). I like that – you get a challenge on every throw [...]

The game could easily have used clichés normally associated with petanque - at least in France where the sport is very popular, but it opted instead for a zen and minimalist approach. The experience itself is very relaxing, just throwing the boule freely in training mode and refining your skill can be very engrossing.
When the time has come for a Competition however, the duel "spaghetti western" inspired music will set in to remind you that it will take nerves of steel to be the winner.

Other game features:
  • 6 characters to unlock as you progress in the competition
  • 3 court surfaces
  • Training, Friendly Game, and Competition mode

You can read the Press Release (PDF) here.