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Free Demo in OVI: Petanque Boule Fighters

04th January 2011

Happy New Year from Woody Games!
Let's start off the year with an awesome demo in OVI. Hours of fun and a great challenge, all for free, no adverts!

Available now in Nokia OVI Store

Petanque Boule Fighters

16th December 2010

Petanque and boule game enthusiasts will finally have the game they deserve!

Woody Games is bringing the popular recreational sport to Symbian with Petanque Boule Fighters, a fun and innovative game in Nokia OVI Store

The game is available for Symbian S60 touchscreen mobiles, and Symbian^3 devices inculding the new Nokia N8...

Some of the game features:
  • Very innovative gameplay with a totally intuitive and enjoyable sense of control.
  • Three court surfaces: backyard, lawn, and competition court.
  • Different game modes: Practice, Friendly with hard borders, and knockout Competition with boundary lines.
  • Realistic physics.
  • A bunch of funny and lovable cartoon style characters.
  • Possibility of having two or three human players compete against each other.
Available now in Nokia OVI Store

Download the Press Release (pdf document):


In this fast and furious game, your mission is to use groups of blocks to build up the protection wall against blazing meteors. Same colour blocks will pile up on top of each other while different colour blocks will not. As each wave of meteors brings new levels of frenzy, it will take nerves of steel and great reflexes to triumph and save the world. No less!

Mobile devices compatibility: Symbian S60 3rd and 5th editions.
Check all Touchscreen devices, or all Keypad devices, for compatibility.

Available now on Nokia OVI store.

Sound Memory

A visual and listening memory game with a twist, with 3 languages to choose from (English, French, Spanish).

One card in each pair will show the image of a wild animal.
The second card in the pair will show a speaker symbol, in which case you will hear the word in the language of your choice: English, French, Spanish.
So you have to match the image with the sound.
Great to learn names of animals in different languages, for grown-ups and children alike.

Mobile devices compatibility: Symbian S60 5th edition.

Available from:

Piano Bar

A free game for the web from 2008, still featured on countless flash games websites, including Newgrounds.
Play popular songs on your computer keyboard and seduce the woman leaning over the grand piano.

Play Piano Bar from Newgrounds website.